Google G Suite for your Business 1

Google G Suite for your Business

Gmail for Business including in G Suite service.

Professional email for better communication and collobration.

G Suite as package, Gmail service is Google’s business email . Having proven itself to the general public with more than 425 million users (June 2012) around the world, Gmail become the choice of many professional companies who trust the Google’s services like G Suite for their messaging system.

Email, instant messaging, audio and video chat

G Suite Gmail, all users have 25GB of storage for business emails, instant messaging conversations and online documents (Google Drive), where other couriers typically offer 1 or 2 Gigabytes.

A permanent access to his professional email, in mobility as in the office

G Suite Gmail is a professional email accessible from the web, and therefore allows to consult emails from his office, but also on the go, from home, as well as from any smart phone or device connected to the internet. Gmail frees you from the desktop and improves business collaboration .

A powerful tool, driven by the innovation of Google teams

Innovation is at the heart of every process at Google. Gmail goes beyond traditional business email, offering innovative features such as priority inbox , managing filters and labels, and grouping messages as conversations. New features are regularly added to Gmail mail to continue to improve this essential tool of our daily work.

Sync with Android, iPhone, and any smart device

Keep access to your email wherever you are, with Gmail syncing on major mobile platforms with Gmail apps for Android, iOS (iPhone, iPad), but also syncing email.

Also take advantage of your smartphone from other G Suite applications:

  • Google Calendar: making appointments, sharing and consulting Calendar, booking rooms …
  • Google Drive: storage, creation, editing, and co-editing of text documents, spreadsheets, presentations, forms, and drawings
  • Google+: the corporate social network

Search his emails very quickly

Research is Google’s core business. Applied to a professional email, Google’s essential algorithm allows you to spend less time organizing your mail, and so focus on the essentials. Thanks to one or two keywords you will find in a few moments the email you were looking for.
The Google search bar integrated with the Gmail interface also offers advanced search options for refined results.

Secure and reliable messaging

  • Gmail has a very powerful anti-spam filtering fully integrated with the email solution
  • For an extra level of security , you can enable 2-step authentication, which will send you a temporary code on your phone or through the Google Authenticator app.

Want to know more about Gmail and G Suite for Business:

  • Check out the testimonials of our customers who decided to use a powerful messaging system by switching to G Suite.
  • To use the Gmail business email solution and upgrade to G Suite, contact us .

Collaborative Messaging

Gmail for Business offers 25 GB of storage space per user, powerful filtering of spam and viruses, interoperability with Outlook, Smart Phones, Apple Mail, …. and 99.9% uptime under the SLA. It is possible to add email encryption services and archiving for up to 10 years with the Google Message Discovery offer.

Strong points of Gmail for business:

  • Permanent access to your email wherever you are
  • Gmail is a web-based and secure service, also called WebMail. It is thus possible to work from the office, on the move, at home and from a mobile phone, even offline
  • Rich and comprehensive messaging management features
  • The user has all the functions expected with this type of service
  • Sync with Android, iPhone and all Smart Devices
  • G Suite can be used on major mobile platforms, including older models through Google Sync for Mobile
  • Blocking spam
  • As part of the offer, anti-spam and anti-virus services help stop spam and viruses before they reach the inboxes. Users can focus on really important messages
  • Each user has 25 GB of storage space, which allows him to keep all the emails he deems important without having to manage his space, without the need to worry for email space for annual archiving (or even monthly), without sorting etc.
  • Unified Communications
  • Messaging, instant conversation and audio and video communications are natively integrated without launching another application.
  • Instant message search
  • Google’s built-in search technology makes it easy to find emails, IM conversations, keywords, topics and tags.

Gmail is the most powerful and straightforward solution for collaborative messaging.

Example of a Mail interface:

Many features are available for customization or configuration to make the collaborative messaging interface the simplest, the most complete or the closest to what users know.

Example with a preview pane:

The user has labels to sort his emails (in addition to the ability to directly use the built-in search engine whose performance does not depend on the size of the user’s mailbox). These labels perform the same function as a directory (for example those of Outlook or Lotus Notes) but also serve as virtual indicators. In addition to being moved, emails can simply be assigned to labels. Thus, an email can be part of several directories, or labels, and be accessible simply for the user.

For example below, the 5 emails presented are part of the label “Urgent”. But some are more of the labels “AD”, “CoDir” and / or “IT Team”:

The assignment of these labels can be done manually, by the user, or programmatically:

By default, responses to messages are grouped into conversations. A conversation gathers all messages in a single thread. This organization makes it easier to follow discussions and limits the size of the inbox. Here’s how a conversation is displayed in an inbox:

Here is an open conversation:

Note: Of course, the user can choose to group or not his messages in conversations. If the “Talk Mode” option is disabled, new messages are not grouped into conversations and all existing conversations are disassociated into separate messages. If the “Conversation Mode” option is enabled, the user can not separate messages from a conversation.

Email is accessible from any mobile device:

Example with an Android mobile:


Google Drive (G Suite): an online office suite that enables real-time collaboration

Google Drive is a suite of office tools (word processor, spreadsheet / spreadsheet, presentation, forms …) available fully online and allows collaboration in real time.

Access to documents and business data from anywhere

Google Drive is a 100% web service , securely accessible wherever you are: from your desktop, mobile phone, tablet, on the go or at home, and even offline.
You can access Google Drive on your computer from your Google Mail (Gmail), from Google Drive’s Android or iOS apps, and from your mobile browser.

Ensuring compatibility

Google Drive is a service accessible on the web , just a web browser to access it. It works on all PC, Mac or Linux computers, and is able to support the most common document formats such as Microsoft Office, Open Office, PDF …

An office suite that promotes collaboration

Google Drive lets you create different types of Google documents that are accessible online and offline:

  • Google Docs: text documents with advanced editing options. Add images, tables, enjoy integrated translation …
  • Google Sheets: spreadsheets with powerful upgradeable capabilities thanks to Google Scripts. You can add charts, PivotTables, filter your data, use data validations …
  • Google Slides: create rich presentations, add images, tables, videos, personalize your themes …
  • Google Form: forms available in a few clicks to help you gather information. Create your questions, choose how the panel will respond (drop-down list, multiple choice, text fields …) and publish it on a site or send it by email.

The Google Drive suite benefits from Google’s expertise in innovation and usability, and outperforms traditional office suites by allowing multiple people to work on the same document in real time . Forget the endless shipments of the latest versions of your documents as email attachments and keep a single version co-editable anytime and from anywhere!

Easier file sharing

With Google Drive, files are stored online and are always accessible. You can also download them, in the format of your choice, or import files of all types from your computer to your Google Drive workspace.
Sharing is very easy from a simple email address. Your collaborator then receives an email that invites him to join you on the Google document, that.
Google Drive allows you to store and organize your workspace safely, in a user-friendly interface.

Security provided by access controls

Like your entire Google Account, Google Drive can benefit from 2-step authentication.
Administrators and owners of files can choose exactly how and to whom documents are shared: privately (by manually adding email addresses), to the entire organization, or publicly on the web (the latter option turns off if need in the administration console).

  • To upgrade to a professional and collaborative office suite with Google Drive, contact us .

Office suite online

Google Docs is both a collaborative space, document storage, and an online office suite for reading, editing and sharing documents, regardless of their format (Google, Microsoft, PDF, video, images etc.) .). With Google Docs, text documents, spreadsheets, and presentations can be edited by multiple users at once, and they are all assured of the latest version of this document. Access to this collaborative space is 100% Web: no need for a client to install on the workstation, access to all the functions described below via a browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari …).

The user can easily access it via his Google banner:

In detail, an example of a personal documentary space:

A simple click on a document opens it. GDocs offers on the fly 15 viewers (Microsoft Office, Autocad etc.) exempting the user from having to have specific software on his workstation to access reading his documents (or those shared with him). The format of the documents is by default that of Google, the GDocuments. Of course, any other type of document can be stored in GDocs even if it does not have a viewer: Microsoft Office, images, video etc.

Example: images and a PowerPoint document (ppt)

It is possible to import any type of document, in its native format, and to make an export (a local download for example, on the workstation) in any conversion format.

Example: creation of a document of type Google Text then download in Microsoft Word format:

Note: GDocs offers a native OCR (image upload and text transformation)

All documents stored in GDocs are shareable, via a simple interface:

In the details of a documentary sharing:

Search function in Google Docs

The search functions are common with the email and the Google Docs (search possible both in the mailbox and in the documentary space, or only in one or the other). It can be done by keywords or a mixed keywords / categories.


Google Cloud Platform: Web Applications for Your Business

Google Cloud Platform is composed of several services totally integrated, based on the infrastructures of Google, accessible in web services and secure:

  • App Engine is a platform (PaaS) for the development and exploitation of Java, Python or PHP applications. It automatically manages the scaling up without administrator action. The applications thus have an optimal quality of use. In addition, App Engine is integrated with all Google Apps for Business, including for authentication and is often used in addition to quickly develop Notes / Domino applications and databases.

  • Compute Engine is a solution of Infrastructure (IaaS) that provides Linux virtual machines for example to perform heavy calculations requiring a lot of resources even over short periods.
  • Cloud Storage provides high availability storage for users anywhere in the world. The data is replicated on several datacenters, with the possibility of locating them in the European Union.
  • Cloud SQL is a highly available relational MySQL database, exploited in the Google Cloud.
  • Big Query is a Business Intelligence or Analytics solution. It allows for high-speed queries on very large databases, for example hundreds of terabytes, in seconds and without the need to buy servers or hardware.
  • Prediction API is a prediction solution based on learning algorithms made in Google on a database.
  • Translation API allows you to automatically translate text into the chosen target language.

Google Cloud Platform is now used by thousands of local companies and international one to be more flexible and cost cutting advadvanteges with cloud computing possibilities.

Google Sites (G Suite): creating websites very easily

Google Sites is an integrated application in the G Suite collaborative suite that allows you to build a website without any knowledge of development. You no longer need to know HTML to create collaborative and effective Google sites.

A site with guaranteed compatibility

Google Sites are compatible with all operating systems (PC, Mac, Linux), and work with all web browsers: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer …

Create sites and organize information simply

Google Sites allows you to centralize documents of any type (text, spreadsheets, presentations, slideshows, images, videos, etc.) to facilitate collaboration and transmit information more easily. The Google Sites offering includes page templates and themes that make site creation even more accessible and intuitive.

Sites accessible from anywhere, anytime

Like all G Suite, Google Sites are 100% online and therefore available at the office, but also on the road, at home, or on your mobile or tablet.
When creating a Google Site you can also activate an option to optimize mobile browsing.

Sharing management of your Google Sites

In order to ensure total security of the system and stored information, Google Sites makes it very easy for administrators to manage site sharing permissions:

  • nominative personalized access,
  • access to the entire company,
  • public access,
  • right of editing or visualization or administration

Many use cases around Google Sites

There are many examples of Google Sites usage. With Google Sites easily create:

  • the intranet of your company,
  • a project site,
  • the website of your CE / CHSCT
  • a site to promote an internal or public event
  • mini sites for employees,
  • a wiki,
  • a blog,
  • a platform for integrating elements of Google Drive (word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, etc.), Google Calendar as well as photos and videos.

To easily build collaborative websites and extranets with Google Sites, contact us .

Google Site: an Intranet Site in SaaS Mode

Google Sites is a website creation and hosting service (Intranet, Extranet, Internet sites).
Created centrally, these Intranet sites are ergonomic and allow users a simplified and intuitive management and consultation.
No HTML knowledge or code is required to quickly deploy a Software as a Service (SaaS) Intranet Site with Google Sites.
Google Sites works in all browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari) and on all computers (PC, Mac, Chromebook and Linux).

Administrators can easily manage Google Sites sharing permissions:

  • share to the whole company / domain> especially suited to intranets models
  • public sharing> for classic websites or blogs
  • targeted sharing to certain users / groups of users> Intranet or Extranet sites

Site sharing can also be defined page by page for personalized access: site readers will only access certain pages depending on the rights granted. In the case of an intranet this configuration allows a right assignment on a case by case basis.

Access to information on the site (intranet, extranet, web …) is instantaneous, as soon as they are put online users can consult them and administrators manage access to the site in just a few clicks.

To facilitate the creation, Google site templates exist and allow easy handling from a template gallery. From the search bar discover Intranet templates, project sites, Extranet …

A new site can also be created from a custom template specially designed for your company’s graphic charter.

Below is an example of access to the Google Library, with categorized sites.

The user can also browse the entire gallery of sites and directly access the models most commonly used by his colleagues:

Before choosing the model of Google Sites that interests him, the user can enjoy a preview:

Once the Google Site is created, the user has all the useful functions of creating and managing a SaaS Intranet:

  • Version history, site update, rollback
  • Subscription to the modifications made on the site or on the pages of the sites: the user receives a notification by email to be informed of the changes made
  • Add, delete, edit pages
  • Creating templates and sub-templates at the page and site level

Below, the example of a project site for the acquisition of a company, with:

  • business indicators,
  • project plan,
  • glove diagrams,
  • documentary library,
  • collaborative sharing,
  • tasks and assignments,
  • management of contacts and people involved in this project

Another example of a Google Site template, for a Human Resources type SaaS intranet.

Human Resources type SaaS Intranet with different linked pages; the ability to add attachments …:

SaaS Intranet Human Resources type with access to a trombinoscope with contact sheet:

To discover Google Sites and the G Suite collaborative suite, do not hesitate to contact us!

Please cont hesitate to contact our online chat or sales department for any questions, we can help you improve your IT.