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Domain Transfer

What is a Domain Name Transfer?

A domain name transfer is the process of changing your domain name registrar from the company that maintains your domain registration to a new registrar. It’s simple, just enter the domain name(s) you want to transfer, enter your payment information and checkout, and authorize and accept the transfer. At Computer Solutions Hosting , we ensure the process is simple and painless so you can get on with your day.

Consider Professional Support to Computer Solutions Hosting Domain Transfer

We make managing your domain(s) simple. Whether you have one domain name or hundreds, we ensure the domain name transfer process is seamless, fast and secure.

You’ll benefit from having all of your domains and web services in one place with our streamlined online dashboard and our 24/7 phone and email support. You can easily create sub-domains, access DNS management tools to add new hosts to your domain, change your IP address, and more. Plus, our Computer Solutions domain transfer lock services prevent unauthorized transfers, and our auto-renew feature ensures your domain names stay just that — yours!

How do I Transfer a Domain Name into Computer Solutions?

You will need to prepare your domain name for transfer at the registrar where you currently manage the domain. Then you will need complete a few steps at Computer Solutions. Typically, domain transfers can take between 30 minutes to 8 days to complete, depending on where you currently manage your domain name.

Prepare Your Domain for Transfer at Your Current Registrar

Before you begin the transfer process, make sure you have prepared your domain name. With a few exceptions, the following steps are the same for most domain names:

Make sure your domain was registered or transferred more than 60 days ago.

Remove any locks or security settings at the current registrar.

Request an authorization code from your current registrar.

Change your domain privacy settings to public.

Check whether you have access to the email address associated with your domain name.

Note: Although optional, you may want to confirm that your domain name is not expiring in the next 10 days to avoid complications in case your transfer takes longer than expected.

Start the Transfer at Computer Solutions

Purchase a domain transfer on the Computer Solutions website.

Log in to the Account Manager to enter your authorization code.

Check the admin email address associated with your domain name for the authorization emails from your current registrar and from Network Solutions.

Why Choose Computer Solutions Hosting?

Domain Transfer 2Online Support Center

Our Support Center will provide you with answers to any questions you may have regarding how to setup your domain, website, email, and more.

Domain Transfer 324/7 Support

Have a question? Get support for our services when you need it. Our 24/7 Support is just a phone call or email away. Take advantage of our online user guides and tutorials to help answer any questions you have. Need additional support?

Domain Transfer 4Sub-Domains

Make your website stronger with sub-domains – extension of your existing domain that allow you to better organize your site’s content. For example, could have a sub-domain of

Domain Transfer 5Domain Transfer Lock

Prevent unauthorized domain transfers by locking your domain. With Domain Transfer Lock turned on you can still perform legal name changes, account consolidation or transfers between Computer Solutions Hosting.

Domain Transfer 6Auto Renew

Why worry about your domain expiring when you can auto-renew? We’ll automatically renew your domains prior to thier expiration in order to protect your domains from service interruption or deletion by eliminating the need to renew your Web address manually. Give us 90 days notice before expiration and you’re all set. Renewal fees are subject to then-current rates and are for the same term, unless you tell us otherwise.

Domain Transfer 7DNS Management

We make it easy to manage domain name servers and DNS records online and at your convenience. Add new hosts to the domain, change IP addresses, or modify an email delivery address. Updates reach the Web in five minutes.