Google Cloud Backup

Google Cloud Backup 1

Computer Solution Google Cloud Backup and Solution Platform

Computer Solution is Google Service provider and service partner, Google Cloud Backup Solutions is part of big role in Computer Industry, practically with Google Cloud you won’t be left alone. Google drive as backup solution can give you unlimited space*, to backup form your office files to high importance files in a high security standard. You can able to reach your files from assigned devices gives you extra security.

Some of Advantageous Google Backup specs

Exceptional Security Functions

Available anywhere, offline and online

Share and Collaborate, share files and work together with anyone in given permission.

IT and Admin controls over your company data for security and auditing.

24/7 Support.

Let Computer Solution assist to setup most efficient way to setup your Google Backup account.

 *Accounts with fewer than 5 users get 1TB of storage/user.